Lesson Plans for January 7-11


Monday, January 7

  • Discuss expectations and procedures for Leadership 101
  • Outline the framework for the class and resources to be used/note cards with information
  • Discuss expectations and procedures for Leadership 101
  • Check out books/introduce the 3 components of the framework for Leadership

Tuesday, January 8

  • Introduce Motto and Core Beliefs
  • Define leadership and brainstorm 5 words that leaders stand for
  • Show powerpoint on how companies develop mottos and core beliefs
  • Begin brainstorming for key words for core beliefs in collaborative groups

Wednesday, January 9

  • Review and discuss what a motto is and review examples
  • Discuss core values/beliefs are and cite examples
  • Groups brainstorm key words to use in the class leadership motto
  • Identify 3-4 words that describe what the class stands for

Thursday, January 10

  • Brainstorm list of core beliefs (narrow the list)
  • Vote on t-shirt color
  • Identify 5 motto options

Friday, January 11

  • Continue to brainstorm in groups motto phrases and core values
  • Discuss class motto options
  • Review motto choices and list pros/cons
  • Announce the top 3 mottos and how they align with 3-5 core beliefs listed

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