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Mitzi Neely

Assistant Superintendent for White Oak ISD.

Lesson Plans for January 14-18


Monday, January 14 Introduction to 7 Habits Read poem:  “Who Am I?” Complete Get in the Habit handout Tuesday, January 15 Discuss Get in the Habit (great habits and worst habits) Start presentation on Paradigms & Principles – studying perceptions Wednesday, January 16 Introduction – Paradigms & Principles — things people say and how we […]

Lesson Plans for January 7-11


Monday, January 7 Discuss expectations and procedures for Leadership 101 Outline the framework for the class and resources to be used/note cards with information Discuss expectations and procedures for Leadership 101 Check out books/introduce the 3 components of the framework for Leadership Tuesday, January 8 Introduce Motto and Core Beliefs Define leadership and brainstorm 5 […]

Lesson Plans for October 29-November 2


Monday, October 29 Believe in U – Episode 3 Dude Be Nice Video Write list of words or phrases that can make a positive impact on someone else How could these impact someone? Write a list of positive actions that could impact our school/community How could these actions impact our school/community? Share out/discuss Tuesday, October […]

Lesson Plans for November 5-9


Monday, November 5 Update the progress on our videos. Journal Activity BIU – Episode 4 ‘How Can I Help?’ Discussion on video THINK-PAIR-SHARE Activity Tuesday, November 6 Journal Activity – What does this expression mean: “A friend in need is a friend indeed?” Name something that you did to help a friend? Why do people […]

Lesson Plans for October 15-19


Monday, October 15 – Personal Finance Unit 2, Lesson 1  Define loan, debt, and credit. Describe the use of credit in America. Analyze the financial impact of debt on a household budget. Recognize some of the “debt myths” that exist today. Describe the dangers of debt. Compare the cost difference between cash and credit. Tuesday, […]

Lesson Plans for October 8-12


Monday, October 8 Habit 3 – Put First Things First Prioritizing/time management Introduce time quadrants; ask students to identify their quadrants – handout Students will rank themselves according to time spent in each quadrant. Write PSA’s for Coats for Kids project Tuesday, October 9 The Rock Story How to plan weekly – Big Rocks, Pebbles, […]

Lesson Plans for October 1-5


Monday, October 1 Believe in U – Aspire to Excellence: Mark Henry Journal Opener: What is an important goal in your life? What will it take to achieve your goal? Teachers begin discussion by sharing their own personal goals they have with the students along with what it will take to achieve his/her goal. Allow students […]

Lesson Plans for September 24-28


Monday, September 24 Introduce Hello – Sandy Hook Promise Campaign Video Set Table Group Norms Collaborative group discussions How can we help? Tuesday, September 25 Hello – Sandy Hook Promise Campaign See Someone Alone activity Stories of Isolation activity Wednesday, September 26 In My Shoes activity Reach Out and Help, complete “Top 5 Ways to […]

Lesson Plans for September 17-21


Monday, September 17 Personal Finance Chapter 1 – Get Smart with Money Lesson 1 Video/Journal Activities/Collaborative Group Discussion Tuesday, September 18 Personal Finance Chapter 1 – Cash in the Bank Lesson 2 Video/Journal Activities/Collaborative Group Discussion Wednesday, September 19 Personal Finance Chapter 1 – A Money Plan Lesson 3 Video/Journal Activities/Collaborative Group Discussion Thursday, September […]

Lesson Plans for September 10-14


Monday, September 10 Introduce Habit 2 – Begin with the End in Mind Discussion about which path to go down–what are your goals and how are you going to reach them. The Crossroads of Life – what about friends? school? Activity: Puzzles are assigned to each group with a different set of instructions. Students will […]

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